Welcome to the Upfront API! We're happy that you've decided to partner with us and explore our APIs. In our mission to make the everyday climate fight affordable, we support two different types of integrations.

  1. End to End Flow
  2. Programs API (data only)

End to End Flow

See the demo of the end to end flow at: demo.knowupfront.com

The complete end to end integration uses Upfront.js and some backend API endpoints. Alternatively, if using Shopify, you can get started with no code at all using our Shopify App.

Upfront.js and API Endpoints

Our JavaScript SDK is called Upfront.js and it provides UI widgets to easily embed Upfront into your website. These widgets are HTML Custom Components that can be used in any frontend, whether it's React or just HTML. It takes just a few lines of code to integrate. See more details in the "Upfront.js" section of these docs.

The /qualification and /purchase endpoints are used in end-to-end transaction flow launched through Upfront.js. This API is recommended to be invoked from your own backend. See details in the "Backend API" section for usage information.

Shopify App

If you are using Shopify, we have a Shopify App which makes getting integrated even easier, requiring no code. Please contact us for more information on how to get started with this.

Programs API

This is our API providing only data. This allows you to get started with more lightweight integrations. See more details in the "Programs Backend API" docs.