Each partner will get their own assigned unique API keys. There are both public and private API keys. Both of these API keys will be used in requests with the Backend API. The private API keys are highly sensitive and should be securely stored.

How to authenticate with Upfront.js

Once you load the library, call the init method with the public key:

  <script src=""></script>
    upfrontjs.init("<merchant public key value>", {
        // Optional configuration settings

See the Upfront.js docs for more information on how to use the JavaScript library.

How to authenticate with Backend API

In your language of choice, pass your public and private API keys into the HTTP request as headers. See below using curl:

curl -L -X GET '' \
	-H 'public-key: TEST' -H 'x-private-key: UPFRONT'

What if I don't have API Keys yet?

If you don't yet have API keys, you can use the test API credentials to get familiar with the API. The test credentials are as follows:

Header nameValue